A new statewide youth apprenticeship program was designed to help all students leave high school with more options and a kick-start on their future. The only problem is, the majority of people still think apprenticeships are only needed for specific job types.
Gen-z, parents of high school freshmen and sophomores
Creative Director Project Manager Creative Strategy Content Strategy Design

The Ask

Create a campaign plan that builds awareness of the apprenticeship pilot program and change parents’ perception on apprenticeships

The Insight

“I only trust the path I’ve taken, this has worked for me and I believe it’s the prescribed path to success.”

The Big Idea

What if there was something you could do to help you get ahead, no matter how you define success?

The Solution

Modern Apprenticeship (MAP), is designed to help you prepare for whatever you want for your future. A “choose your own adventure” interactive infographic, designed in CEROS,  shows our audience how an apprenticeship can benefit their future. Everything from the content, design and user experience was created to show there is more than one path to success, but there is one thing that can help you get a kick-start on your future.

Designed Collateral

  • MAP Brand
  • Interactive infographic
  • Website
  • Mailers
  • One pagers
  • School presentations
  • Social media imagery

Check out the live site, built in Ceros, here.

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