Veery Website and Branding

A Delaware-based financial services firm needed a rebrand and updated, modernized website to unveil their new name and look.
Clients and potential clients in the financial space
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The Ask:

Assist a financial services firm with their rebrand, including brand identity, a new website, brand rollout and brand messaging.

The Problem:

The team already knew they wanted their new name to be "Veery," but they were unsure how to communicate the reasoning behind the rebrand and the name. They also needed to tell the story about the Veery bird and why they chose the name.

The Solution

I held a branding session and 1:1 interviews with their current long-standing clients to discuss the rebrand, story and approach. From there, we created brand messaging and began the full brand identity process. The end result was a new mobile-friendly website, new brand guidelines and brand identity and a plan for rolling out and unveiling the new Veery brand.

View the full website here.

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