End Allergies Together

U.S. Cannes Young Lions Winner // The 2019 U.S. Young Lions Competition partnered with E.A.T. (End Allergies Together) to challenge U.S. PR professionals under 30 to create a campaign around the seriousness of food allergies. One winner was chosen among 80+ teams of two nationwide. As the winner of the U.S. competition, I was honored to represent the U.S. at the Cannes Festival of Creativity.
End Allergies Together
Creative Director Creative Strategy Content Strategy Design

The Ask

Create a campaign that makes food allergies a topic that everyone is talking about, and move our audience to donate to E.A.T. to help fund research to find treatments and cures for wide-spread food allergies.

The Human-Centered Insight

“I pride myself on being a fighter, but I’m tire of feeling like I have to prove myself.”

The Big Idea

Let’s recast living with food allergies as having a job.

The Solution

OctoX: A fake company that stands out because of its exhausting routines and near-impossible expectations. The idea behind the campaign is to advertise and promote fake job opportunities that detail near impossible expectations. The expectations are what people with food allergies deal with daily. Check out the full presentation here to see how the full campaign works.

Design Collateral:

  • OctoX branding
  • OctoX website mock-up, advertising and campaign collateral
  • Stand-alone campaign presentation
  • Presenter-ready campaign presentation
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