Make IN Move

Advanced manufacturing and logistics industries (AML) are among the top growing in Indiana and a local nonprofit wanted to help fill the state’s workforce pipeline.
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The Ask

Create a campaign that shows the next generation of talent that they can find a career and thrive in advanced manufacturing and logistics.

Human-centered Insight

“I’m afraid that the pressure and stress I’m feeling now will force me to choose a path that doesn’t fit me or my values”

Big Idea:

Let’s recast AML as a member of Gen-Z

The Solution:

Enter MakeINMove, a statewide campaign that creates a bond between a generation and an industry by taking all the best qualities of our audience and showing how AML industries have those same qualities. 

Designed collateral:

  • Interactive website
  • Online toolkit
  • Instagram posts and stories
  • Local billboards
  • Board presentations

Check out the live campaign website here.

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